Thursday, 21 May 2009


In 2010 South Africa will host the world cup..which is ironic as there is a shortage of footballs in Africa for schools villages and anyone who wants to play ball......the ingenious solutions to this problem have involved making balls out of rubbish and scraps of materials bound together and wrapped in plastic bags.
Although these home-made balls look beautiful and are an amazingly creative way of getting around a serious problem, there not much good to practice your skills on.....
This problem was highlighted by the charity which ran an advert in the major papers in South Africa...putting this plastic bag inside the paper.... is another charity dealing with the problems of lack of sports equipment by sorting out the supply chain and setting up small factories in Africa making repairable hand stitched footballs with health messages printed on the setting up factories they provide work for people and insure that the sports equipment is not made by child labour.....which is an ongoing problem in India and Pakistan where a large proportion of the worlds footballs are made.

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