Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Hello Everyone, and welcome to 'Homemade Sportswear', an on-line journal dedicated to makers and wearers of homemade sportswear. 
Homemade Sportswear comes to you from Prick Your Finger, a Haberdashery shop and textile gallery in Bethnal Green, London. 
We have created this journal to address the problems and possibilities in fashion surrounding the 2012 Olympics. 
We love sport, fashion, our community, and doing things for ourselves. 
In this journal we will share tips and ideas about doing things the way WE want and not being influenced by big sportswear companies who try to seduce us into spending unnecessary money on things we don't need, which are made badly in appalling conditions. 
By 2012, we will be fit, and looking good, in fashions we are comfortable in and proud to say we made ourselves.
Here is a picture of Louise, Madaline, and myself (Rachael), running a marathon in Vilnus Lithuania, wearing customized tracksuit bottoms, knitted medals and carrying our knitting as we go. Our marathon was part of a show called 'Extreme Crafts' at CAC, and it inspired us to mix more sport into our knitting.