Friday, 20 February 2009


How about embroidering a sporty initial on the side of your favourite cap? 
It's easy with chain stitch! Chain stitch is one of the oldest embroidery stitches and one of the most versatile. It easily moves around corners. Write your initial in the place where you want it, in pencil or chalk, and then follow these simple instructions below to make a Kool tag!

1. Work from right to left. Bring needle up through fabric and hold thread in a loop with your thumb. Reinsert the needle at the point where it emerged.
2.  Bring the needle point out a short distance away. Thread lies under needle point. when the needle and thread are pulled through, the chain is made.
3. To make another chain stitch, reinsert the needle at point where it emerged, bringing it out again the same distance away as for the previous stitch.
4. To change direction, bring the needle out in the direction and continue working chain stitches in the same way as for horizontal line.

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